Waste Removal Bins

Large or small, Metropolitan Bin Hire can help you out with all your bulk bin and skip needs. If you're looking to rent a bin we have a huge range of options for you from small two and three cubic metre skip bins to our biggest 12 cubic metre bulk bin.

When choosing to rent a skip it is important to remember that they can only be filled to the top. Over filling skips pose a risk to us and to other people on the road. So make sure you hire the right sized bin to avoid trouble down the track.

If you need to hire a skip for your next clean-up project, give us a call. We cater to both domestic and commercial needs and deal with building waste, household clean-ups and demolition waste.

Bulk Bins

Bulk Bin

3m3 walk-in ( L 2.7m x W 1.6m x D 0.7m )

Walk-in Bulk Bin

4m3 walk-in ( L 3.2m x W 1.8m x D 0.7m )

Walk-in Bulk bin

4m3 stubby walk-in ( L 2.8m x W 1.6m x D 0.9m )

Skip Bin

6m3 Light walk-in ( L 3.2m x W 1.8m x D 1.0m )

Bulk Bin

6m3 Light Wide walk-in ( 3.3m W 2.2m x D 0.85m)

Rubbish Bin

6m3 Heavy walk-in ( L 4.2m x W 2.2m x D 0.65m )

Bulk Bin

6m3 Heavy stubby ( L 3.65m x W 1.5m x D 1.1m )

Bulk Bin

9m3 Light ( L 4.4m x W 2.2m x D 0.93m )

Bulk Bin

10m3 Light ( L 3.2m x W 2.0m x D 1.6m )

Bulk Bin

12m3 Light ( L 4.0m x W 2.2m x D 1.36m )

Skip Bins

Mini Skip

2m3 Skip ( L 1.9m x W 1.6m x D 0.85m )

Skip Bin

3m3 Skip ( L 1.9m x W 1.6m x D 1.15m )