Recycling prices - Domestic & Industrial Waste

Our state of the art materials reclamation machine sorts the various types of heavy waste delivered to us, such as Soil, Green Waste, Brick, Concrete, Tiles, Metals and Timber into separate waste streams. Therefore continuing their life through varied forms of recycling and re-use.

Metropolitan Bin Hire and Metropolitan Recycle and Transfer Station is an active member of the Victorian Waste Management Association and is committed to the EPA guidelines.

Recycling Prices

Bag 6.00
Car Boot 15.00
Car 24.00
Small Utility 49.00
Large Utility 75.00
Small Van 79.00
Large Van 110.00
Truck, Hard Rubbish 135.00 m3 (Min.1)
Clean Fill 49.00 m3
Clean Concrete / Brick 45.00 m3
Concrete, Brick, Tiles 49.00 m3
Mixed Rubble 85.00 m3
Hard Rubbish 135.00 m3

Small Trailer 6x4

Tandem Trailer 7x5

Tandem Trailer 8x5

Level 44.00
Heaped 75.00
High Side 99.00
Level 89.00
Heaped 99.00
High Side 139.00
Level 99.00
Heaped 119.00
High Side 159.00

We accept the following waste at our Recycle and Transfer Station:

Concrete Brick Tiles
Soil Green Waste Timber

We accept the following waste at our Recycle and Transfer Station with a surcharge:

Batteries Matresses Paint
Gas Bottles Tyres Trunks and Stumps

Metropolitan Recycle and Transfer Station is located at

Fact.4/94-98 Kirkham Road West, Keysborough, Australia

Opening times are:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, Saturday: 8:00 am -12:00 pm