5 Alternative (Funny) Uses of Skip Bins You Never Thought of

Skip bins are the great way to get rid of your large quantity of rubbish quickly. It’s as simple as ordering a bin, filling it up with your junk and watching the bloke in the truck take it away. But you might not have considered some of the other ways you can use a skip bin. Apparently, there are plenty of uses that even we hadn’t heard about before – and we’re in the skip bin industry for crying out loud! We know you’re itching to find out more, so without further a due, let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can utilise a skip bin without filling it with rubbish. Sounds funny huh! Who knows, you might want to give some of them a go over the holidays.

Editor’s note: No one is responsible if you die of laughter after reading this.

1.Entertain Your Lady Friends

What better way to show a girl that you’re a trendy, hip guy than to invite her over to your skip bin for a cup of tea and some witty conversation? Just make sure your bin is looking clean and tidy; give it a dust, maybe vac it and make sure you’ve got it well furnished. We can tell you right now that this is a winning combination for an intimate, romantic date and the perfect way to spoil your woman.

2.Throw a Pool Party

Who doesn’t love a pool party! And, when you’ve got a bin handy, you’ve essentially got your own mobile swimming pool waiting to happen. Sounds interesting huh! All you need is a hose, a place to park the thing and a bunch of people eager for a dip and you’re set. The skip bin-pool combines sophistication and function; it oozes class and looks glorious out on the street or even in your backyard.

3.Planting a Flower Bed

Speaking of petunias, a skip bin makes the perfect foundation for a lovely flower bed, or if you’re a little more adventurous, an entire garden. The wife will certainly appreciate the effort of recognising that a bin is essentially just a large pot plant – it’s basically asking to be filled up with dirt and flowers!


As you can see, the properly shaped skip bin makes a curiously good down ramp and an excellent place to brush up on those skateboarding skills you’ve been trying to perfect since the 90s and early 00’s (when skateboarding was actually cool).

5.Dumping Unused Vehicles

Jokes aside, we’re not even sure how to explain this image. 

So there you have it – certainly some of the most creative ways to use skip bins we’ve ever seen. Can our readers think of any others? Leave your comments below! And of course, have a wonderful Halloween!

Image Sources: Innovative Decor, Toxel, Owens World

Note: This article was originally published at Metropolitan Bin Hire's blog.

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