Melbourne's Skip Bin Hire Company Metropolitan Bin Hire Upgrades Web Presence

Metropolitan Bin Hire, one of the Melbourne’s premier skip bin service providers, has recently launched a brand new responsive website with the hope to reach more potential customers through the city’s south east.

With these changes being put into effect just last month, the Keysborough-based Metro Bin Hire has ensured that the website will be easy to find and navigate for potential customers going forward. The flat design, colourful and engaging website allows visitors to easily find out information about the sizes of skip bins, service areas and even read through the new onsite blog.

The bin hire services provider started out in 1985 as a family-owned and operated outfit, predominately servicing Melbourne’s south east. It has grown substantially through the years, now offering various services such as waste audits and rubbish collection, while also managing a waste disposal and recycling station. Metro Bin Hire has made recycling and the well-being of the environment a top priority since the early days, firmly upholding the same values as it has transitioned from the pre-internet era.

“The way that we find our customers has definitely changed,” explains Andrew Kerr, the company’s owner, “having an online presence is really important if you’re going to compete.”

Indeed, effectively adjusting to the times has been part of MBH’s success, with the website generating consistent levels of traffic and being highly visible in Google and other search engines. Central to the decision-making process to upgrade the website came as a result of changing habits on the part of users. Previously, MBH essentially managed two websites - one for desktops and one for smartphones - which were somewhat different design-wise and the information that was displayed.

But with more and more internet users accessing websites from smartphones and tablets of all shapes and sizes, the potential was there that some visitors weren’t viewing the website as well as they should, or could’ve been. Being responsive, the waste disposal company’s new website adjusts its shape according to the screen it is displayed on, which is a big plus in today’s online climate.

You can take a look at the new website by clicking here. Any feedback to Metro Bin Hire is encouraged! For more information about their services, feel free to give the skip bin hire team a call today.

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