Steps to Conduct Post Christmas Waste Disposal at Home

Along with all the festivity and joy, we generate a massive amount of waste during Christmas, without realising the possible consequences. 

Every December in Australia, over 5 million tonnes of festive leftovers, wasted food and packaging end up in landfill after the festivities come to an end.

One of the reasons why the post-Christmas waste disposal is not undertaken correctly at home has to do with conflicting and misleading information about what can be recycled and what cannot.

To make this Christmas merry for both your family and the environment, here’s a guideline of how to conduct post-Christmas disposal at home, responsibly, when Boxing Day is over.

Step-1: Know the different methods of Christmas waste disposal

In general, there are around 7 primary waste management methods. Each of the methods is divided into a number of categories. These waste management methods include resource recycling, reuse and reduction, composting and fermentation, landfills and land application. Christmas waste disposal can be sorted into 3 of these categories; landfilling, composting and recycling.


For Christmas disposal, landfilling is the most popularly used method for biodegradable leftover food waste or paper-based items. In Australia, about 40% of total generated waste (almost 19 million tonnes a year) including Christmas waste end up in landfill sites- which shows our solemn reliance on landfilling when it comes to waste disposal.


Composting is the natural way of recycling Christmas waste items like leftover food, paper chains, eco glitter, wreaths, Christmas trees, gift tags, corks, and so on. Sadly, in most cases, people create Christmas waste compost by piling the waste into an enclosed heap on grounds, without knowing the proper methods of aeration.


Every year, a good amount of Christmas waste is repurposed through recycling procedures. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, however, Australia is still outwardly dependent on landfills for waste disposal, instead of composting or recycling.

With professional waste disposal services, you can easily make your abandoned items into more useful while conversing natural resources like timber, minerals, and so on.

Step-2: Sort out the recyclables and non-recyclables

The reason Christmas waste disposal becomes a troublesome job is that we aren’t aware of how recycling works and which waste materials should be considered recyclable products.

However, if you can understand the process, you can avoid throwing a significant portion of leftover resources into landfill.

Here is a list of common Christmas leftover items which CANNOT be recycled.

Paper-based items:

Foil or plastic-based paper, laminated or glitter based wrapping paper, and even tissue paper and napkins are most likely not recyclable.

Ways of disposal-

Burning: There are many methods of paper-based waste disposal. If you have a large stack of paper-based trash, you can use a furnace or a miniature furnace to burn the paper slowly. Most cities don’t allow burning within their limits without authorised permission, so make sure to check the legal liabilities before going through the process.

Using water: To dispose of a small amount of paper, you can soak the papers into the water by using a zip lock bag and leaving it be for a while. Squeeze the water out of the paper and make pulp to dispose of in a waste bin directly.

Composting: Non-glossy Christmas wrapping paper, napkins, and kitchen scraps can easily be composted. Shred the documents with scissors so it’s easier to mix the stack into your composting pile.

Traditional Christmas decorative items:

Items like tinsel, wreaths, plastic cutlery, broken baubles (glass or plastic) etc. belong in general waste rather than the recycling bin since these items interfere with the recycling process.

Ways of disposal-

Broken Christmas decorations and ornaments (glass or plastic) don’t have a definitive way of disposing of. You need to make sure you wrap the broken decorative items in a paper, so they do not pierce disposal bags or cause a hazard to collectors.

Christmas lighting:

Electronic light fixtures like LED lights and fairy lights can’t be recycled because these string or rope-like shapes get stuck in recycling stations’ conveyor belts.

Ways of disposal-

Before disposing of your Christmas lighting, thoroughly check your own state’s disposal requirements for lights and fixtures. Since Christmas lights like fluorescent tubes, ballasts, CFLs and mercury devices are considered e-waste, follow area-specific steps to dispose of them.
For a safer bet, donate your usable Christmas lights to thrift stores or turn them into DIY decorative items.

Glassware, porcelain and corks:

Unfortunately, in almost all council areas, these items are prohibited from being recycled, since these products’ melting temperature is much higher than other recyclable items like bottles or jar glass.

Ways of disposal-

These items are highly contaminating to the environment and should be disposed of in the general red bin or landfill bin.

Alternatively, there are any biodegradable Christmas leftover items, they’re ready to have a new life! Cardboard, batteries, real Christmas trees, mistletoe, wine and champagne bottles, plastic items with recycling symbols on packaging, moulded plastic packaging, care tyres, food waste and styrofoam can easily be sorted as recyclable items.

Step-3: Hire a professional waste disposal service

Christmas waste comes in different sizes, forms and shapes with varying methods of disposal. If you want to reduce your waste and waste management costs at the same time, an effective and comprehensive waste and recycling plan are crucial.

Sorting out Christmas waste can be a daunting job, full of hassles. For an efficient waste disposal procedure, hiring skip bin is a very convenient choice. You can hire skip bins from a local skip bin company, according to your preferred size and features; such as rear-hinged doors with full access.

A dedicated waste bin hire and recycling service won’t just efficiently take away all your Christmas waste in a timely manner, but also offer tailor-made disposal and recycling services for your Christmas waste requirements. On top of that, within your budget, you can receive plenty of practical tips and suggestions from the waste disposal service in regards to proper waste management during and after Christmas.

Lastly, be mindful with Christmas gift packaging

Start with some simple hacks to avoid excessive Christmas waste by replacing or altering Christmas souvenirs. For instance, send customisable e-card emails instead of purchasing Christmas cards and letters. Minimise the use of paper by using reusable clothes or tea towels when wrapping presents. Before purchasing, make sure the products and goods are recyclable or reusable.

Since Christmas is approaching, maybe it’s time to cut back on waste generation during Christmas celebrations and consider the best way to reuse or dispose of leftovers at home. In cases like this, Metro Bin Hire can be your ultimate waste disposal ally this Christmas.

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Steps to Conduct Post Christmas Waste Disposal at Home

Along with all the festivity and joy, we generate a massive amount of waste during Christmas, without realising the possible consequences.  Every December ...
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