What size bin should I order?

Feel free to call our friendly customer relations consultant on 1300 737 612 to discuss the most appropriate size bin for your job on hand or click on “Bin Sizes” to find the dimensions of the bins.

How much notice is required for booking a bin?

The earlier the better however generally one day notice is required. Quite often we are able to deliver on the same day as long as you book a bin early that morning.

What days and where can I have a bin delivered?

We will deliver from Monday to Saturday. The bin can be placed on the driveway or yard without attracting any additional fees; however bins placed on the nature strip or on the road attract additional council permit fees.

Can I request a delivery or collection time?

Yes, mostly we can deliver your bin at the requested time. However during very busy times (weekends, holidays etc.) we may not be able to deliver at your requested time as we may be heavily booked, therefor it is best to book early so we can deliver as close as possible to your requested time.

Up to what level can I fill the bin?

Bins cannot be filled beyond the level of the sides of the bin. Due to strict road safety regulations we cannot carry bins that have been filled over the sides of the bin.

What happens if a bin is overloaded?

Trucks are not allowed to carry bins that have their waste above the sides of the bin whereby the waste cannot be tied down in a secure and safely manner. With an overloaded bin you have the option of taking the excess waste of the top of the bin and get another bin delivered at the normal charge.

How long can I have the bin for?

The normal hire time is up to 3 days. If you need the bin longer extra charges will apply. Check with our customer relations consultant for the extra charges.

What if I am not finished at the scheduled pick up time?

If you are not finished yet and want to extend the hire time, ring 1300.737.612 at least a few hours before the scheduled pick up time and arrange a new pick up time. Extra charges may apply.

What if I am finished earlier than the organized pick up time?

If you are finished earlier, ring 1300.737.612 and we will get the truck to pick up the bin a.s.a.p.

How can I pay for the bin?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Cash.

Are there any extra charges?

For some types of waste there are, see Bin Sizes.